SHINIEST HAIR on the Planet in 6 QUICK Steps



Beauty_Blog1_image_r1For the SHINIEST HAIR you’ve ever had, here’s my six quick steps that will get you just that. You will even start getting compliments from people behind you right off the bat! Because they are seeing your SHINY hair. I LOVE what these products have done for my hair. You’re going to flip when you see what a difference this system makes. Here’s the hit list…

Step 1// Philip B Forever Shine Shampoo  &  Philip B Forever Shine Conditioner  Step 2 // Philip B Restorative Mist Spray on damp hair before drying. // Phylia de M Connect  Spray this on your roots throughout your scalp as this product does amazing things for the health of your scalp. A healthy scalp makes for healthy hair follicles which lead to growth! Also, spritz this directly on your hair lightly. // Blow dry your hair using the Shine Brush. I have no idea why this particular brush helps with “SHINE” but it does. I’m thinking the boars hair combo with the tangle-free plastic bristles. The main point is IT WORKS! // T3 Micro Heat Brush Quickly grab sections of your hair & brush through the sections. Not only does the heat work hand-in-hand with the shine products above, but it also defrizzes your hair. AMAZING!

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 Philip B Forever Shine Shampoo // Philip B Forever Shine Conditioner // 

Philip B Restorative Mist // Phylia de M Connect //

 “Shine” Brush // T3 Micro Heat Brush

Tip to Succeed!

These products work BEST with HEAT, thus blow-drying your hair. If you let your hair air-dry, please meet me in the middle and before your hair dries and is still a little damp, spritz on the Restorative Mist and then the Connect spray regardless and blow dry your hair with the Shine Brush for a few minutes because these products work their BEST with blow-drying. Trust me if you want shiny hair! Help me help you!…


Rod Tidwell in “Jerry Maguire” – skip to 58 seconds if you can’t wait the whole 2 minute clip. HA-larious!

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