Kitchen Gems You Will LOVE!

Kitchen Gems You Will LOVE!

You will want to add these GEMS to your kitchen counters ASAP! Start your mornings with the PERFECT cup of JOE with this Jura Impressa J9 One Touch Coffee Machine. It’s so smart you can pick your coffee strength, how much hot-frothed milk you want for a heavenly latte or cappucino – all freshly ground and brewed in one minute! It comes in a great looking stainless base and will surely be a sight for tired eyes.

Kitchen Gems

Wherever I travel, I pack my sleek Aerolatte Milk Frother for the same frothy goodness in my coffee. In seconds it whisks up my milk into an impressive froth! It comes in black or a cow print. (Battery operated for convenience.) Check it out!

Spice up your Cook Out with grilling some ribs, brisket , steak or grilled chicken by marinating with John Henry’s East Texas Rubs! My favorite is the Pecan Rub! I generously pour some of this on, add some maple syrup, a bottle of Allegro Hickory Smoke Marinade, a little salt, toss it in a baggy and let it sit overnight in the fridge. This is SPICY so if you don’t want it red hot, use the Allegro liquid in the baggy to rinse it off. You can always sprinkle a little back on before you throw your favorite onto the grill!

Call me O.C.D., but I like my ground salt or pepper to all be the same size vs. a big chunk here and little dust-sized piece there… I’m obsessed with my Kuhn Rikon Swiss Design Salt & Pepper Grinder. You won’t believe how quick & easy this grinds up your salt or pepper. It has a little pocket that opens up to add in more rock salt or peppercorns in seconds without having to take apart your grinder. I think I’ll go grind some now… Have fun!

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