Can you do me a FAVOR?

And that is get the app “FAVOR” A.S.A.P. and get ready to MULTI-TASK like crazy! If you live in any of the cities listed below, you’re in LUCK!

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You set this app up like you would “Uber” one time and you’re all set. This morning in a little over an hour – with asking for “FAVORS”, I was able to get a major part of my “To Do List” knocked out.  Look at my list that’s now DONE! 🙂

With my Favor Runners help….

1. I paid my bills online while drinking my cup of coffee. (I had to be home so two contractors could clean my carpet and replace my A/C thermostat)

while I simultaneously asked for 7 FAVORS and…

2.  sent Buddy & Lucy – my dogs – to the groomers to get a bath

3.  went to two different grocery stores

4.  picked up raw dog food at a specialty dog store

5.  picked up 2 freshly made casseroles at Short Stop for my parents

6.  picked up my dry cleaning

7.  picked up two clean dogs from the groomers

8.  while I had a laser hair treatment for hair growth with my Thermadome helmet AND

9.  baked chicken for my lunch!

All in about an hour and 10 minutes time! REALLY? You’ve got to give these guys a try. Your LIFE will thank you for it! They text you at the grocery store if they have a question. They texted me a “selfie” of my dogs in their car happy and clean on their way home…

Seriously… This is too easy!!  Stress Less and download the FAVOR app now!

P.S.  If you don’t see your city listed, click on the bottom line and let them know you want FAVOR in your city!

Cost averages around $10 a favor including tipping the runner.

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