Chic READERS You Should SEE Up Close!

These are EYE-BOBS readers and are great looking!If you have to wear readers, like I do now, EYE BOBS are one of my favorites. These are really well made and come in such cute frames! Scroll down for the latest styles after you check out how SUZY and my readers helped us see our hands in our Gin Rummy game. I love this aqua-blue pair with white mottled sides and the red pair with animal print sides!

Suzy_Playing Gin_Eye Bobs-150

P.S. Someone should really tell SUZY to breast her cards!’

xoxo, Terie 🙂


Suzy_Playing Gin_Eye Bobs-Readers close up

Here are two styles that I have. Click HERE to see the RED pair

and click HERE for the Aqua-BLUE pair.


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