Cool It With the Kids After a Hot Summer Day


We’re having a BLAST drawing silly stories on my new CHALKBOARD WALL I did for my grandkids clubhouse! I have them draw anything they loved about their day and you try and guess what their story is. Find a wall, the inside of a door, the laundry room, a closet or if they have one wall in their room you can use… If you’re a grandparent, I used my laundry room wall and choose black like a chalkboard…. I ADORE the notes I get from my grandkids, my hubby and even our dogwalker has a place to jot down notes about Buddy & Lucy, our sweet dogs! I love quotes, so I wrote fun quotes all over the walls in different colors using Liquid Chalk. It’s fun!

Here’s what you need… rust-oLeum chaLkboard paint (various colors) This paint is easy to apply yourself or for your handyman. It’s writable, erasable finish inspires creativity. You can convert wood, metal, plastic, glass, paperboard, and/or hardboard into a usable chalkboard! Cleans with soap and water. // neopLex chaLkboard cLeaner I like this cleaner the best if you use the “Liquid” chalk markers. Note: I use a white rag with the cleaner and then just toss the rag into the washer. // crafty croc Liquid chaLk markers I LOVE these Liquid markers because they are “dust-free” and come in so many cheery colors. My grandkids love them too as the “little Picasso” in them draws away! //

Tip to Succeed!

If you want to paint this yourself, make sure you do about 4 coats. The paint drys in 10 minutes or so between coats so it goes quick. Especially if you’re doing one wall or the back of a door. I did my laundry room & the ceiling, so I ended up calling my handyman to help me knock it out!

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