Flawless Foundation Every Time!

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Temptu Airbrush Flawless Foundation System

Tempt Flawless Foundation

This is truly the berries! I use it everyday for truly flawless foundation! Temptu’s claim to fame says this system will help you achieve a radiant, camera ready complexion and guaranteed to leave you looking flawless. Well, needless to say, I wanted it and one of my best friends surprised me with it! I’ve used it ever since and can’t say enough about it. I hope you put it on your Christmas List for Santa Claus or give yourself a “to me from me” gift. You’ll be glad you did!

For the best NIGHT make-up ever, apply a highlighting concealer where “Kevyn Auction’s Highlighting & Contouring” photo (scroll down below) show white and a matte bronzer a shade or two darker than your foundation where the photo shows brown.  BLEND to soften the highlighted and contoured areas… THEN spray on your foundation quickly holding the applicator about 7″ from your skin making little circles. It’s so easy!

Tips to Succeed! Before airbrushing on your foundationcleanse & tone your face & neck. Then apply an eye cream and a serum to your face & neck. If you’re skin is DRY, layer on top of the serum a thicker moisturizing cream on the dry parts of your face which, typicallythe outer parts, avoiding the t-zone or visible pores.

Flawless Foundation

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