HIP HIP HOORAY for better HAIR DAYS with Theradome’s Laser Helmet!

Better hair days are just around the corner.   I’m always willing to try just about anything to get my hair to grow thicker.  SO, after buying misc. products, scalp massagers, you name it… here’s my latest discovery that is really making a difference without having to add another appt. to my life.  It’s Theradome’s Laser Hair Treatment Helmet.  Don’t be scared!  Check it out…
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Theradome’s Laser Hair Treatment Helmet

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My routine is 1st thing when I get up, I put this little helmet on for a quick 20 minutes. The laser lights in the helmet do the rest. I’m done with a treatment before finishing my 1st cup of coffee and I’m still checking my emails. EASY! After 2 weeks, I noticed less hair loss when combing conditioner through my hair.… which was night and day from 2 weeks before.  If any of you out there are like me, I needed ALL of the hairs that were falling out in my comb or brush!

How does it work?  The laser light targets the stem cells at the base of hair follicles which triggers  the formation of hair growth.  If your hair grows approximately 1/2” to an 1” a month, think about the quality of that new hair growth…  I’m on my 47th treatment – averaging 2-3 treatments a week – so that makes almost 4 months now and I’m so committed to this treatment due to the direct result of how much better my hair is looking and growing.

It’s so much less expensive than going to a treatment center that offers the same thing.  Not to mention, you can use this in your P.J.’s at home while doing other things.  I’m a Believer (and apparently, so is SUZY. Bless her plastic heart. I didn’t have it in me to tell her this only works if you’re human)!


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