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There’s no place like Home Sweet Homeuntil you fry BACON! It’s soooo good while you’re chowing down breakfast… Then you leave & come back home only to get a whiff of bacon in the air! Gag. Have no fear… (to quote Mrs. Doubtfire) Help is on the way dear! The Lampe Berger is the #1 tool for removing odors in the air such as fried bacon, lingering cooking smells, pet odors & mustiness. Here are 4 of my Lampe Favorites.


HomeFront_Lamp Bergier 4 lamps

(from Left to Right)

Smoky Cube Lampe SOLD OUT Similar Cube Lamp // Grey Wood Lampe // Penta Liquorice Lampe // Amber Lampe


You simply fill these attractive little lamps 2/3 of the way full with your favorite “Lampe Berger” fragranced oil & light the burner.  You can tell it’s working because you can feel the heat coming out of the top if you hold your hand above it. There are at least 40 fragranced oils to choose from & these oils are specially made to burn in the little lamps. The heated burner acts like a tiny flame-less low temp stove & literally works through a combustion process diffusing the aromatics throughout the room removing invisible smells in the air. 20 to 30 minutes is all it takes. Then you cap the burner & it snuffs it out. That’s IT! Your whole house smells divine.

The Neutral oil can be mixed in with your fragranced oil (if it’s too strong for you) & lighten it up a bit.

TIPS to REMEMBER. This is filled with a specialized flammable oil & is HOT so be careful not to spill it or place anywhere a child can get to it. Place it somewhere that’s open & well ventilated & on a high surface as you would a candle.) I put mine on my kitchen marble countertop & that’s where it lives.

4 of my Favorite Fragranced Oils – All very nice & light

Sweet Pear // Black Pomegranate // Vanilla Gourmet // So Neutral

HomeFront_Lamp Bergier 4 oils

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