OZ – Have you seen our Monkey.. or is he an Ape?

Photographer of Oz and more of his Family & Friends –

OZ wants you to know he is in the Great Ape family, not a Monkey.  He is our blogs ‘virtual‘ hairy little orangutan BABY. His photographer is: Suzi Eszterhas! See her site for the rest of OZ’s family! where you can see more of his family and more of Suzi’s wonderful photography. (She does Photography Safari’s also!)

How Old Is Oz?

About 1 1/2 years old. Interestingly, orangutans can live up to 45 years or more.

Where is he from?

The Sumatra Islands of Indonesia. There are now less than 6,600 Orangutans left in Sumatra and less than 54,000 in Borneo. Orangutans are on the critically endangered list..  READ MORE…

What is his Personality?

Adorable. Mischievious. Clingy, since he will spend the first 7 to 8 years with his mother… ME! Being I’m his virtual mother. He is also arboreal – meaning he spends most of his life in trees. Orangutans, unlike other great apes, do not like to live in groups. Females usually have 1 or 2 babies with them and males are usually alone.

What does he eat?

Honey, bark, leaves, insects, some flowers, but mostly, their favorite, FRUIT!  One of orangutans favorites is a spikey smelly fruit called Durian which tastes like custard and garlic… Suffice it to say, Oz’s breath is challenging for Suzy…

What are the differences between Great Apes and Monkeys?

– Great Apes DO NOT HAVE TAILS.  Monkeys DO.

– Great Apes rely on their vision rather than smell and their noses are short and broad rather than monkeys more snoutlike noses.

– Apes are capable of creating tools, using language, living complex social lives and are capable thinkers and problem-solvers.

– Monkeys, on the other hand, tend to be imbeciles and reek havic.  (However, I’m still entertained by watching them on game drives during my annual trips to Africa and Botswana.)

Who are Oz’s FACEBOOK Friends?  Click Here to “LIKE” him!

Be on the lookout for our little OZ to show up and WARM YOUR HEART as he hangs out with us throughout the blog!



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