SKIN 101 – Be Like a Snake and EXFOLIATE!

SKIN 101 – EXFOLIATING is the 1st step to healthy beautiful skin and, like a SNAKE does, slither out of this  DULL LIFELESS TOP LAYER….. Think about how a snake sheds its old dull skin revealing a shiny new fresh layer underneath. The same concept applies to our skin. We don’t want to TRY to “moisturize” and keep this old worn out faded layer thinking that will make our skin look good. We need to actually exfoliate and sluff off this layer getting RID of it instead. Exfoliating also triggers cellular turnover forcing production of more cells at the bottom cellular level.  Remember, with every new cell, there’s more collagen (which fills in wrinkles) and elastins (which gives elasticity needed to be firmer).  All of which are important for the anti-aging result we want. (See photo below for an example.)

skin layers_175ppi_685w

Notice the deep wrinkles in the “Older Skin” where there is a dramatic loss of collagen and less density of everything, a natural occurrence in aging which starts in your 20’s! This is why we want to constantly TRIGGER new cellular growth to thicken, firm and plump up our skin.

ALL that to say, if you want BEAUTIFUL DREAM SKIN, you have to start with the basics. This is what I call the “101”s of healthy skin. You can begin this with Clarisonic’s Smart Profile Cleansing Brush, an EASY wonderful way to crank up your EXFOLIATING.  This system comes with a brush for your face, body and feet and only takes a minute a day. Use this once a morning or night for one skin cycle (approx. 6 weeks) and you will definitely notice a difference.  The brush is smart because it’s set to scrub for the perfect amount of time. Your skin will look fresher, healthier and will have more of the “GLOW” we all want. It’s as easy as that! This is my reminder to go use mine NOW. 🙂Clarisonic Post Image_685w_100ppi

Clarisonic Smart Profile Cleansing Brush

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TIP TO SUCCEED.  Every night I do a “quick cleanse” removing my make-up and then do a 2nd cleanse using my Clarisonic brush. The “O.C.D.” in me doesn’t want to scrub in my make-up.  I’m wanting the 2nd cleanse to be “all about exfoliating”. Make sure to TONE afterwards to balance your PH and then apply a light Serum.

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