Best Skincare for Anti Aging

Skin 101’s – Skincare System for Anti-Aging Hello girls! If you’re looking for a skincare system to dramatically improve the quality of your skin & work toward “anti-aging”; look over this regimen I’ve put together for you. It’s one of my…

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Why Hormone Pellets are better than Creams or Supplements

Hormones Pellets vs. Creams, Patches or Supplements… In one word… ABSORPTION! If hormone replacement creams or supplements are not getting absorbed into your body, they aren’t doing you any good. Last year I decided to try hormone replacement pellets since…

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SKIN 101 – Be Like a Snake and EXFOLIATE!

SKIN 101 – EXFOLIATING is the 1st step to healthy beautiful skin and, like a SNAKE does, slither out of this  DULL LIFELESS TOP LAYER….. Think about how a snake sheds its old dull skin revealing a shiny new fresh layer underneath. The same…

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