Best Skincare for Anti Aging

Skin 101’s – Skincare System for Anti-Aging Hello girls! If you’re looking for a skincare system to dramatically improve the quality of your skin & work toward “anti-aging”; look over this regimen I’ve put together for you. It’s one of my…

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Skin 101’s-Super Repair Ingredient

Super Repair Ingredient – Brace Yourself! SKIN 101 – Restore & Hydrate I tried out these Korean “snail extract” based skincare products and I vote them “in” as far as a good skincare product. Although the thought of a “snail” truly…

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SKIN 101 – Be Like a Snake and EXFOLIATE!

SKIN 101 – EXFOLIATING is the 1st step to healthy beautiful skin and, like a SNAKE does, slither out of this  DULL LIFELESS TOP LAYER….. Think about how a snake sheds its old dull skin revealing a shiny new fresh layer underneath. The same…

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