TAME your TUPPERWARE Drawer with my new Big FIVE!

TAME your TUPPERWARE Drawer with my new Big FIVE! I just replaced my plasticware & cooking utensils & happily chunked the majority of my old mismatched plastic tupperware and cooking utensils with Joseph Joseph’s “nested” kitchenware! I love how everything I bought from this brand efficiently stacks within the next size – saving major space – which my kitchen has precious little of. It’s dishwasher & freezer safeBPA free without  those harmful chemicals that may seep into our food when saved in plasticware. Here’s the line-up-

tupperware plastics

1. Compact Food Prep Mixing Bowls & Measuring Set-9 Piece  AND  2.) Compact Food Storage Containers-12-piece

Also, my new kitchen goodies are made of toughened nylon & heat resistant up to 240 celsius / 464 fahrenheit. My tupperware drawer has never looked so good! The drawer closes easily so it doesn’t get hung up on all the mismatched tupperware ‘punks’ anymore. It also makes me happy for things to look organized, neat & well, PRETTY. What’s not to love?


 Shown from Left to Right

Nesting Utensil Set-5 piece,  Silicon Combo Balloon+Flat Whisk,  Sink Caddy

Mayo Clinic  says exposure to BPA, generally through plasticware & water bottles, may be linked to health effects on the brain & behavior in children. No bueno. Chemicals in our water, plastic tupperware & plastic water bottles always make me think of “Tourettes“! I know this isn’t what clinical studies mean when they say brain & behavior problems relating to BPA, but… but.. but.. WHAT IF? I’m kidding, however, BPA FREE for me, my family, friends & grandkids.

I keep my sink caddy under the kitchen sink counter. It’s out-of-sight & keeps everything uncluttered & another caddy under my laundry room sink. (Example shown.)

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