Why Hormone Pellets are better than Creams or Supplements

Hormones Pellets vs. Creams, Patches or Supplements…

In one word… ABSORPTION! Hormone Replacement PelletsIf hormone replacement creams or supplements are not getting absorbed into your body, they aren’t doing you any good. Last year I decided to try hormone replacement pellets since my creams and MANY supplements weren’t absorbing into my system. Not to mention, the creams and supplements were an absolute CHORE. I went in to Dr. Nathan Thomas’s office and it was the easiest thing I’ve done to balance out my hormones.

Here’s some of my keypoints:

  • Convenient! Needs to be done every 3 months, then forget about it
  • 100% Absorption due to the pellets injected under the skin
  • No need to remember to take a bunch of supplements at a certain time of day
  • Easy to monitor hormone levels with a simple blood test
  • More consistent than creams, gels or patches
  • Minimizes fluctuation in hormone levels for Estrogen, Testosterone, DHEA & Progesterone

Benefits include:

  • Better MOOD & less Ups & Downs noticed right away
  • Prettier SKIN due to the balance of Estrogen
  • More ENERGY
  • Increased SEX DRIVE

All of the above is why I’ll keep going back! If I ever move out of Dallas, I’ll FLY back to see Dr. Thomas. He is the best & his office staff are equally wonderful. Dr. Thomas is the sole owner of his boutique practice affording him to get to know each patient and provide them with personalized care. I can’t say enough about their office!

xoxo, terie 🙂

Click HERE for Dr. Nathan Thomas OB/GYN’s website for more details…



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